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about the teacher
One of the most sought-after retouching experts.
Natalia Taffarel's passion lies in unleashing the hidden beauty in images- and telling others how she got there.

Her compositions appear in fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, L'OFFICIAL, and Cosmopolitan.
And she has taught retouching classes in metropolises including Dubai, New York and London.

Natalia has always kept widening her knowledge of digital art and pos-production - be it during her design studies or by teaching Photoshop to herself.

Most importantly, Natalia believes in the power of intelligence and continuos growth that will lead you to become the best retoucher you can be.

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about the talk
Her work can be seen

We all learn the techniques and work constantly to apply them in our own way of doing things.
But is it the right way?
Am i doing things in the right order?
Is my workflow effective and cost efficient?
Can i reproduce the same look in several images?
Is it client/commercialy oriented?

All this questions and more will be covered in this webinar and you can get all your doubts out of the way.

From Raw to output tactical retouching workflow.

Q&A from the audience.

Live review of psd files

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